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©2019 by Tranquil Mind Therapies. 

About Tranquil Mind Therapies

Alternative therapies to help you

Tranquil Mind Therapies is a holistic health service based in North Lanarkshire.

Specialising in Hypnotherapy for issues related to mental well being. 

Giving you that mental and emotional freedom you deserve. 

My name is Kirsten and I hold a Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing. Due to busy family life and having children and the difficulties of childcare I stopped practising in 2010 after ten years. In this time I worked my way up to Charge Nurse and gained a lot of experience in the care of the elderly sector which involved a lot of mental health conditions as well as physical conditions.

From 2001 until 2015 I was in two relationships which I was subjected to physical, mental, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. The extent of the abuse left me with anxiety, low self esteem, low confidence, depression and trust issues. These issues would impact my ability to form relationships with the opposite sex going forward. I knew I had to seek not only professional medical assistance but alternative help also.

After seeking Hypnotherapy for anxiety with a lot of scepticism which was unfounded as I had fantastic results with it I started to look into alternative holistic methods to help myself. This is where I developed a love for all things holistic. This love has since developed into a passion where I decided to look into pursuing it as a career.

The first practitioner course I pursued was a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy. I chose to specialise in mental well being issues such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem, low confidence, overthinking and stress to name a few due to dealing with these issues on a personal level myself. I feel due to my personal experience that I can better understand clients going through the same as opposed to someone who has not.

Following on from studying Hypnotherapy I then developed an interest in Theta Healing. In short Theta Healing is an energy healing achieved while in Theta Brainwave, it helps to clear emotional blockages and old limiting beliefs which can hold you back. While training at the basic level to be a practitioner I had to complete a weekend of intense one on one practice both as a practitioner and as a client. The difference alone in myself following the training has been amazing. It cleared a lot of emotional blockages for me that were simply holding me back and affecting me as a person on all levels. I am qualified at both basic and advanced practitioner level. I offer one to one sessions as well as taster workshops in this therapy.

I only intend on offering therapies that I know work and can tailor a treatment plan to suit each individuals needs. For a free consultation and to discuss the right treatment for you please get in touch